Dragon Roulette

Dragon Gaming as a software company offers a number of different variations of roulette but see this review for their special version called Dragon Roulette.

A Step Away From Traditional Roulette

While there are many parts of the traditional game of roulette included, Dragon Gaming has broken new and exciting territory with this release.

You may have already noticed the wheel is held by a dragon. Yes his head is turned toward the table and this will become more important once you see his fire breathing features.

Dragon Roulette Adds New Features

Once you see some of the exciting and ground breaking new features this variation of roulette offers you will certainly want to try it. In fact after a few rounds playing dragon roulette you may never want to play a different version again.

At any time during the spin of the wheel the dragon can spew forth fireballs toward the table and pick up to five numbers for a bonus.

Closer Look at Fire Breathing Number Picks

Not only is the dragon picking numbers a cool feature but can lead to huge wins as well. When the numbers are picked they will be assigned a special multiplier. The multiplier can be as high as 100x.

Multipliers will only be used on wins of straight bets on the number. They will not count if the number is part of a group, such as an odd/even etc.

dragon roulette image

Inside and Outside Bets

Like most other variations of roulette you will find the inside and outside bets here. See below as well will give a brief description of the types of inside or outside bets.

Inside Bets

The best way to describe an inside bet, is when the bet is placed in the inside of the table.

This bet can be specifically on a single number, or a small group of numbers such as when you place the bet to cover 2 numbers. Betting on 2 numbers is also known as a split bet. There is also a method of betting on 4 numbers, known as a corner bet. This is when you place the chip at the corner of those four numbers. There are also the street bet, the five bet and the line bet. See our article on the complete breakdown of inside bets here.

Outside Bets

Outside bets get their name partially, since the betting areas for these type of bets are on the “outside” of the table layout.

These type of bets may include the odd or even bet. Also included are high or low, red or black, dozen bet or the column bet. When considering the most common forms of outside bets, odd or even and red or black are the most chosen. The reason is simple, except for the zeros, all number are either read or black or odd or even.

Roulette Straight Bets

Based on the dragon and the fireballs that pick the numbers that gain the multipliers many more people enjoy placing straight bets in this game more often. We will not debate the strategy of which type of bets are best when playing roulette in this review. You should continue to play the game and place the bets you feel the most comfortable making.

Reasonable RTP

This game has a very reasonable rtp for the game considering the extra features. Dragon roulette rtp sits at 97.3 with a 2.7 house edge.

Betting Ranges

Keep in mind some online casinos may limit the bet ranges based on VIP levels. The most common bet range on the Dragon roulette game is from #1.00 up to $500.00 per spin. We do not personally play the higher end of those wagers, but for those that enjoy casinos as a high roller, this game can certainly accommodate them.

Dragon Roulette Conclusion

The first time we played this game we were not sure what to expect. But when the dragon started spitting out the fireballs we looked forward to addition spins with anticipation. We found that we were actually cheering for his picks. Admittedly we were more fond of the spins the times he picked a number we bet on, but the spins were fun regardless.

Being a bit of a fan of roulette we can’t say enough good things about this variation. We really had fun playing it for the review and will likely add this to our list of favorites when it comes to roulette games. You can try this game out at most casinos that have the Dragon Gaming casino software.


Ducky Luck

4.5 rating
500% up to $2500 on Slots
US Accepted
Mobile Available
Progressive Jackpots
Live Dealer Games
18+ Terms and Conditions ApplySee casino site for more information. Please gamble responsibly. 18+ begambleaware.org.


Game Overview

Game Name
Dragon Roulette
4.5 rating
Game Type
Table Game
Game Theme
Software Developer
Dragon Gaming
Date Released
March 2, 2023
Progressive Jackpots
Side Bets
Double Up
Bet Limits
$1.00 up to $500.00 Per Spin
House Edge
97.3 %

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