Roulette Articles

Instead of strictly promotional pieces or casino ads we encourage you to read our roulette articles of interest to roulette players.

Informing You on Multiple Topics

Many of the roulette articles we list here help keep you informed. We cover a variety of topics that are of interest to roulette players. Covering such topics as:

  • History of Roulette
  • Roulette Strategy
  • Inside Bets
  • Outside Bets
  • Rules of Roulette
  • Playing Live Roulette Online
  • Triple Zero Roulette
  • Roulette Strategy

The above list is just some of the popular article titles as there are many more.

Roulette History and It’s Beginnings

A number of our visitors have commented they enjoyed reading about how roulette got it’s start. Some readers were quite intrigued by the story and how things changed as more countries were introduced to the game.

Many comments from readers expressed interest in how they better understood the background of the game yet adding to the intrigue.

Live Games Arrive at Online Casinos

For a number of years now with the technological improvements of the last decade live games have become much more prevalent. It makes sense that when it comes to live games, roulette, blackjack and a few other table games are the most common games in the live studios. See our article on how live roulette has helped more players from around the world to get a better understanding of the game of roulette and what it is like to visit a casinos.

roulette articles covering various topics of interest

Roulette Article Covers Rules

One of the most popular roulette articles on the site is the roulette rules pages. This is very helpful to new players looking for a better understanding of how the game is played. It can also be helpful for those that may not have previously had a grasp on the differences in the bets and how they are placed.

If you don’t understand the difference between a split bet and a corner bet, a quick look at the rules page should clear that up for you.

Deeper Understanding of The Game

Since there are three distinct categories of bets in roulette we have articles covering each one. Whether you enjoy the thrill of just picking a number in a straight bet, or you enjoy the lower risk our articles can help. Obviously depending on whether you play single zero or the double zero variation, you have an additional pocket to bet. Be aware this also changes the house edge, in other words, the more pockets or numbers to bet on the higher the house edge.

Additional Articles on Roulette Bet Options

One of the exciting things about the game of roulette are the many different types of bets each game allows. In addition to a straight bet, “betting on a single roulette number” there are also some bets that increase your odds slightly. See our articles on how inside bets work and then head on over to read about roulette outside bets.

Strategy to Play Roulette

A few minutes using google or you favorite search engine searching for “roulette strategy” will return many thousands of results. Strangely many of the roulette articles contained in those results have something in common. Not many will explain there is no true strategy to play roulette and win all the time.

In fact a portion of the results will discuss the Martingale strategy as well as a few other very common tricks. Keep in mind that none of them are fool proof. Our strategy article attempts to offer some common sense tips to follow when playing roulette.

More Than Just Promotions

While true that some of the pages at Roulette World do contain some promotions for online casinos we try to do something different in the roulette articles. We look to continue to expand those pages offering more articles related to the game, strategies, news from land based casinos and how such news may affect roulette players.

Quick Wrap Up

We hope to continue to add more articles of interest to our readers. As fans of the game of roulette also, we are always on the lookout for news related to the gaming industry as well as what affects players directly.


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