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Roulette Strategy

Gamblers all over the world have debated for years on this very issue, is there such a thing as a strategy for beating the Roulette Wheel or any other game of chance for that matter?

The simple answer is no. Gambling, whether online or in a land based casino, is just that, a game of “chance”. How can you find a strategy for something that is as random and unpredictable as a little white ball bouncing around a big vertical wheel that is spinning freely? How can you predict where this ball will land or on what color or number it has chosen to settle on?

We must all remember that we are talking about a “ball”, balls do not have brains! In order for there to be a strategy to when or where a ball will land we would have to assume that the ball can “think”! Hopefully we all understand that a little white ball can not think, remember or choose what or where it is going to land, so with this in mind it negates any idea that you can find a system to make you a winner at any game of chance including Roulette.

But here at Roulette World, what we can do is to help you with your strategy when playing the game of Roulette and show you how to maximize your money and how to play smartly.

This in turn may help you to walk away from the Roulette wheel of your favorite online casino a winner maybe even a “big” winner!

Smartest Strategies for a Roulette Player:

  •  Know your game! There are two versions to Roulette, the American version which has a 0 and a 00 and gives the house a larger edge, and the European version which is more player friendly and gives the player the winning edge. So the “smart” choice for a Roulette player is to pick the European Roulette wheel and you have just made your first smart strategic choice.
  •  Take the 50/50 bet! Until you are comfortable with the wheel, and have total control of your cash flow, it might be best to start off with the safest bets. When betting on the Red/Black choice or the Odd/Even bet, you have a 50% chance of winning. The odds are low, only 1 to 1 which means you will win back your bet by 2. So if you bet $10 and you win, you will get back $20. Betting in this “smart” safe way at first will help you to build up your cash flow so later you can make those bigger more profitable bets with house money, not yours!
  •  There is no system! Do not fall for the theory that if the ball lands on “black” ten times in a row, that the “red” is due to come up and bet bigger on this assumption. We have already discussed that the “little white ball” has no brain, so it has no memory of where it has landed, so that makes this theory ridiculous. For it to work, the ball would have to be able to say to itself, “geez I am tired of landing on black, I think its time for the red to win”. Silly, just plain silly.
  •  Relax and Enjoy – In all gambling related areas, remember it’s a game of chance and a form of entertainment, and make sure to maximize your fun and enjoyment that you are playing with “unneeded money” and plan on losing, so when you win its that much sweeter, but if you lose, you were ready for it anyway and it will not ruin your good time at the wheel!

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