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Live Online Roulette

Part of the excitement of playing roulette or any other table game in a land based casino is being able to interact with fellow players. Cheering when one of them has a bit hit, and also feeling their pain when they lose one.

Previously playing online roulette had always consisted of just you playing against the house in a single player game. But that has all changed recently.

One of the biggest innovators in the online gambling industry is the Playtech brand of casinos and software. Created in 1999 this software company and its casinos have been the leading edge for all new and creative ideas produced in the online gaming world making it that much more enjoyable for gamblers around the world!

One of their newest creations in this ever expanding industry is the addition of “Live Games” in all of their top notch online casinos. One of the top rated and most frequented “live game” that have been included for gamblers all over the world is the “Live Online Roulette” games. No longer do you need to travel for hours to your nearest land based casino to get the thrills and excitement found around the big ole Roulette Wheel, all you have to do is log into your favorite online Playtech casino and step into the exciting world on Live Roulette!

Graphics And Game Play

Live Roulette Casinos are the fastest growing online casinos at this time and they show no signs of slowing down. Online gamblers are loving the Playtech live streaming feeds which are the best you can find anywhere.

When you log into these live roulette games you will find yourself looking right into the face of the “dealer” or “croupier” and you will hear all the chatter from the players who are around the table with you filled with excitement and anticipation of the next spin. Chat with you fellow gamblers or banter with the games dealer while sitting back in your comfortable chair in your very own living room!

Innovation is a wonderful thing and online casinos are leading the way with these fantastic new games that bring Vegas to your living rooms.

What will you see when you log in and play for the first time? Depending on the casino you choose [we recommend Playtech casinos for the best live feeds] you will see the dealer or croupier, you will also see a “chat” screen. This is so you can converse with the other gamblers at the table or with the dealer. You also can just sit back and listen or read what others are saying without having to take part, the choice is yours, which is another advantage to playing “Live Roulette” from home, you don’t have to take part in any small talk or trash talking if your not in the mood, your in your living room, do what you want!

On the bottom of the screen you will see the layout of the Roulette table. This is where you will be placing your bets and keeping track of your winnings or losses.

Once the bets are down the screen where the dealer is standing will show the actual Roulette wheel. The entire process from beginning to end will be displayed for you to watch and all the yelling, cheering and shouting coming from the other players will be included for the excitement it brings to the game!

If you have ever played Roulette at a land based casino, you will understand what is expected and will not be disappointed when you see just how “Live” these new games are!

Live Casinos games are the new craze in online gaming, so get in on the fun and excitement today and show that big ole wheel who’s the boss!

Many more casinos have been expanding their live game offerings. As an example Box24 Casino, Spartan Slots and Black Diamond each added Live Roulette and a few other live dealer games to their online properties in late June 2016.


For more in depth reviews of Playtech software and their other live games see the Playtech Casinos website.

Although not many online casinos currently offer live roulette, this segment is expected to continue to see growth well into the future.

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